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Churches should be always open…………

An easy statement for me to make I suppose, but these buildings should be open at least at some point so people for whatever reason can visit them. A locked church is not a welcoming church and striving to maintain interest in our church buildings when more and more people do not go to church for religious purposes is a challenge. However I believe its not one we should ignore and I built this site to hopefully give people an insight into their local history and their local parish church as they are very much intertwined.

l know many people can now view our churches through this website – that is not the main intention. It is to encourage them to visit and enjoy the monuments, architecture, history and peace of these fine buildings for themselves. This is difficult as so many are now locked and Leicestershire performs poorly in having so many churches not open compared to Rutland.

The Journal started in the spring of 2009 originally as a project to photograph the exteriors of all the churches in Leicestershire & Rutland. It quickly became apparent that it would be extremely interesting to photograph the interiors as well as other features of the buildings. This led onto the textual write-ups and other additions to the site which takes considerable time. In the winter of 2014 the site was totally rebuilt on a new platform that would be easier to manage. In early 2015 all entries from the old site were moved over to this new site.

I hope you find the site interesting and informative, and I do hope you go and visit these fine buildings for yourself.

The site receives no funding from any parties and is totally supported by LeicesterPhoto LTD.
You can read more from our interview in the Leicestershire Magazine from last year. Click the link to find out more;

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