Unknown Church – Now Known!

We have had a request for help for a ‘unknown’ church which may fall in Leicestershire and Rutland, can any help with its name and location?

Hope you don’t mind me contacting you. Amongst some old photographs I have the attached image which is unidentified. To me it has all the hallmarks of an east Leicestershire/Rutland church. However I have not been able to spot it on your site. So maybe it is over the border in Northampton or Lincolnshire or totally somewhere different. I suspect it is Leicestershire as three of the other photos with it are St Nicholas Leicester, Newtown Harcourt and Mount St Bernard’s. All from about 1905.

If you or any of your members could either pinpoint where this is or at least indicate it is not Leicestershire/Rutland I would be most grateful.

leics unknown 1905 937

Author: Chris Jones

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  1. It looks a lot like Slawston, Leics

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  2. Well spotted Mike, after looking at our images of Slawston it looks like a good match. Well spotted…
    Nick who sent me the image has kindly supplied some old postcard images of some of our churches and I will be adding these.

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