St John the Baptist Harringworth

Michael McQuade from the Cathedral Walking Group organises walks around the local churches and villages. He recently contacted us regarding an interesting trip to St John the Baptist at Harringworth.

“I visited St John the Baptist Church at Harringworth in Rutland yesterday and was amazed at what I found. I picked up a leaflet in the church and used that together with the photographs that I took to put together a document that I will circulate to my group. I attach a copy for your interest. All photographs except the one showing the cross on Page 1 were taken by me. I was not there long but was immediately drawn to the crypt that is half below ground and half above. The organ is perched above the crypt and at a jaunty angle! In the South aisle there is a door giving access to the screen. The staircase has two openings presumably for light and it comes out through the pier to at the top of the screen. I would recommend that you add this church to your ‘must visit’ list.”


You can download the PDF here.

Author: Chris Jones

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  1. Harringworth is in Northamptonshireand always has been

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