Another Unknown Church

Nick has sent me another image of a church which he cannot locate. Now this one may not be in Leicestershire or Rutland but any help in identifying the church would be appreciated, the ‘doom’ image on the chancel arch should help. If you click on the image you should see a larger version.


Author: Chris Jones

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  1. I am not an expert and am only going on what I have seen in my recording of Northants/ Leicesteshire/ Bedfordshire church wall paintings. It looks Victorian and possibly not a doom, more like an adoration by saints/ apostles, but I cannot get a clear enough picture to be certain. Again if it is Victorian it could be their version of a doom ie not so gruesome as a medieval doom. I am not sure whether the Courtauld Institute’s Wall Painting Department could help. I think they are more inclined to record medieval wall paintings. The only Victorian firm I know of were Clayton and Bell and they were still in existence some years ago.If you have not found out which church this is it might be worth seeing if they still exist and could identify it. It does not seem to me to be a Gilbert Scott design.

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